This project wouldn’t have been possible without the help of:

Myriam Kiener – who took care of our kids during my travel and gave me time to work on this project.

My 5 children for their patience

Financial and human support – Annie and Edmond Kiener

Field recording, music recording, filming, car driving – Pascal Deshayes

Filming – they weren’t afraid to work the extra “minute” to make it happen –  Valentin Dubach, Yves Gertsch

Dancers – for their trust and implication in this project – Marina Bonnet Bärfuss, Arielle de Sadeleer

Actor – For his advice, trust and enthusiasm – Olivier Zwicky

Fixer in Israel / Palestine, organised the filming in Gethsemane – Hovsep Garo Nalbandian

Help to organise and get the contact in Israel – Gabriel Meyer Halevy

Fixer in Chernobyl – Yuriy and Kostya Tatarchuk

Help to find a fixer in Chernobyl and Georgia – Darmon Richter (Travel writer & photographer)

Iceland Photography Map – Michael Levy

Help with organising the trip to Nigeria – Carl and Roxane Hill, Markus Gamache

Help with the French translation – Sophie Gertsch & Arielle de Sadeleer

Help with English syntax – Steve Pavey

Video matching code (matching video algorithm) – Alain Jacobi

Financial support – Martin and Pierre Guignard, Florence Chanez

Financial support for the documentary part in Nigeria from “La société de Bible du Canton de Vaud“.

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