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Compassion and love’s healing power

From Nature

When my heart was touched with love and compassion, I no longer pictured the violent murder of my grandmother. I pictured how she lived and what a beautiful person she was.
Bill Pelke

This meditation video is inspired by the interview "The healing power of forgiveness with Bill Pelke.
Director's note

This timelapse was taken in the Jubilee community in Georgia (USA). They built a cemetery for death row prisoner. It was interesting to hear why they choose to extend love to these people. More to come on that later...
As for this timelapse, the sunshine comes and goes, there is a sort of tension, a pause, it's not clear was will prevail. A giant tree cast it's shadow on the cemetery and moves. It symbolise for me this love that is inviting all of us to follow it's lead.
The music was recorded in the maternity of Prypiat City in Chernobyl Area. The theme of the music is "Everybody".

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