Alize Jireh Yaccino

Alize Jireh Yaccino

Website: Alize Jireh
Country: USA
Activity: Activist, Artist
Keywords: change, dialogue, listening, peace

Alize is a singer and videographer. She took part of a peace festival in the Middle East.


I’m a passionate visual storyteller who is in love with capturing the real, messy and beautiful stuff in this world. Whether it be a wedding, a day in the life of your family, a business/entrepreneur, a retreat/adventure, a birth, anything! I will be there with my camera to document the moments that mean the world to you and that are seemingly unforgettable. Not the ones that are posed and made to look “pretty”, but the ones that make you feel something and truly remember your authenticity and beauty as a family, business, individual, etc..

I am all about adventure and travel, not afraid to get my feet dirty. I love loud belly laughter and those quiet, intimate moments that we all hold onto dearly… everything that describes what you want to capture in the most simple and honest way possible, these are the things that are extraordinarily special and needed to be shared!

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