Personal development video ressources from peacemakers, activists, neurologists and spiritual teachers.

A Documentary Project

Interviews with peacemakers, activists, neurologists and spiritual teachers.

Meditations to guide and make the most of the interviews.

Music composed in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

Short films to go deeper on the subject of this documentary.

Exploring Themes of Non-violence. Meditation. Spirituality. Contemplation. Forgiveness. Non-dualism. Dialogue. Oneness. Humanity.

Every week, at least two new content are released, they are available to watch for 2 weeks, then if you want to watch them, you can become a member of the site and contribute with whatever feels right for you, based on the gift economy concept.

Sharing the treasure that I received

I was privileged to sit with some great people and got so much out of it, that I felt I needed to offer as much content as I can in a way that is accessible for all.
This web site is the testimony of what some people experienced, a gift to all, to hear, meditate, learn and put that into action.
Yes, there is a way to peace!

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This project was in the making from 2016 through 2020. The questions that were on my mind revolved around:

  • How do people cope with difficult situations?
  • Are there any resources that we have as human beings?
  • What can peacemakers, neurologists, activists and spiritual teachers teach us?

So I embarked on a three-year journey and met with around 80 different people. I had so much content that it took me two years to figure out how to present it.


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