Pascal Deshayes

Pascal Deshayes

Website: Royal Studio
Country: Switzerland
Activity: Artist, Cameraman, Sound recording

Pascal Deshayes recorded the music in Chernobyl and play some "instruments" that were there. He also mixed the music, drove the car in the USA 🙏 and with the interviews in the USA.


Fascinated by music since his early years, Pascal built his first drum kit from washing powder cardboard barrels and started recording with an old cassette player.

After a few semesters at the Swiss Jazz School, he quits to go on tour with rock, jazz and funk bands and then produces electronica albums. Since then, he focuses on studio work and buys what is now called Royal studios.

In 2011, he participates in a week-long mixing seminar with the great Andy Wallace and then develops new workspaces in Royal studios, while mixing and recording.

Interviews available from Pascal Deshayes

Sorry, there is no other interviews yet. Some more interviews might come in the future, check back soon.

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