Régis Etienne

Régis Etienne

Country: Switzerland
Activity: Cameraman, Drone operator

Régis has a passion for recording images from volcano around the world. His work has been featured in different national television documentaries.


Régis was kind enough to let me use some of his images. You can reach him by email here: regis DOT etienne AT bluewin DOT ch
Volcanoes have fascinated those who have approached them since the dawn of time. Régis Etienne is one of those explorer who have never ceased to travel our planet in search of the terrifying and magnificent phenomenon that can be a volcanic eruption. Fascinated by images and nature, he is the president of the Volcanology Society of Geneva, which brings together a number of volcano "enthusiasts" all around our spherical planet. His numerous excursions into these places where antagonists phenomena confront each other have led to the making of several documentary films.

Interviews available from Régis Etienne

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