Precious peace

From Michael Gungor

Director's note

This song was recorded in the training centre for the staff operating the technology of the Duga Giant Radar in Chernobyl. This place is filled with looted consoles, mainframe computer cabinets and all manner of cryptic controls and panels. There are also some educational material about NATO weaponry, including all the main American cruise missiles.
It was surreal to record a song about peace in this room were the sound of war was still so present.
While I was in the Middle East in a war zone, I had a eye opening experience about "Precious peace". One night in my bed as I was recalling what I saw in one refugee camp and the horror of a destroyed city, I realised how precious peace was. It's more precious then gold or anything else. But I was so accustomed to it... I then remembered how politicians are talking to their opponents and how easily is it to loose this precious gift that I have in my country... Let's be cautious about it...

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