Michael Gungor

Michael Gungor

Website: Michael Gungor
Country: USA
Activity: Artist

Michael Gungor is an American singer-songwriter, producer, music editor, author, and podcast host.


Michael Gungor is one half of Gungor, and is a co-host of The Liturgists Podcast. Michael is a Grammy nominated musician and composer who lives in Los Angeles, California. He leads the musical collective Gungor with his wife Lisa Gungor and is a co-founder of The Liturgists with Mike McHargue ('Science Mike'). Michael is the host and creator of the podcast “THIS” which shares the name of his second book, in stores April 16th.

Interviews available from Michael Gungor

  • Awake

    A song recorded next to the big wheel in the amusement park in Pripyat. An invitation to awake...
  • Contemplation

  • Fear

    This music was recorded live in Chernobyl in the Duga area where they used to listen to the west with that gigantic radar.
  • Love

    A song recorded in a cooling tower close to the nuclear power plant that blowed up in 1986. This song play with the beautiful acoustic and echo of the place. The birds seems to respond to the voice...
  • Mirror neurones

    This song was recorded live in the Shmaragd holiday camp close to Chernobyl. This music talks about Mirror neurones, they mirror what we see in the other world.
  • One

  • Precious peace

    This song was recorded in the training centre for the staff operating the technology of the Duga Giant Radar in Chernobyl.
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