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Contemplate the world and what is inside of me

From Arielle de Sadeleer

Practicing a way of peace brings both inner and outer peace.
Itaf Awad

This meditation video is inspired by the interview "Peace inside of me with Itaf Awad.

This video use the sign language. It speaks about contemplating the world and contemplating our inner world.

Director's note

This is a video that use Deaf sign language to express the fact that we can all contemplate the world and look into what is going on inside of us.
The story behind this video is quite interesting: we made our way to the desert, but the fixer's car was loosing water and the gaz tank was almost empty and to make things even more funny, we couldn't find our way to a nice cave in the desert and the sun was soon coming down and I was quite upset to say the least... We finally found the cave, got the shoot, and after much angst we found a gas station just before we had to tow the car (it was quite late by the way). All of this doesn't show on the video... that's the magic of stills in motion! 😅

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