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The journey from self to part of the whole

From Arielle de Sadeleer

Arielle has been dancing since she was little. She fell in love with the sign language culture and incorporates sign language in her dance.

4 months ago

The spiritual path takes us from preoccupation with self to a capacity to see as part of the universal whole.
Cynthia Borgeault

This meditation video is inspired by the interview "The spiritual path takes us from preoccupation with self to perceive as part of a universal whole with Cynthia Borgeault.
Director's note

This video was shoot close to Masada in Israel. A dancer is expressing through sign language how she is welcoming all feelings (depression, discouragement and so on). Slowly the drone moves back and we can see more and more space around her. As she surrenders to the present moment, she starts to see herself in the bigger picture.

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