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The field that knows no boundaries

From Marina Bonnet Bärfuss

I found out that I could reconciled Muslims and Jews and Yezidis and people of faith or none in my heart to celebrate common humanity.
Malkhaz Songulashvili

This meditation video is inspired by the interview "Let us meet in the field where they are no boundaries. with Malkhaz Songulashvili.
Director's note

The mediation was filmed in Iceland on a nice big open field.
The music of this meditation was recorded live in Chernobyl in a big field in front of the Power Plant.
The theme of the music is contemplation, an another word for meditation. In contemplation, we let go of our need to judge, defend, or evaluate, we welcomes paradox. This process “rewires” our brains to think non-dually with compassion, kindness, and a lack of attachment to the ego’s preferences.
This is were this song was recorded:

Here, you can listen to the whole song and watch were it was recorded live

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