When religion becomes a social identity

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Unfortunately Christianity became a title to define myself with or my people. But it should be a way of living a life of love.
Assaad Chaftari

This meditation video is inspired by the interview "I saw myself as a protector of my religion with Assaad Chaftari.
Director's note

This video shows some images of some buildings that still have some scares from the Civil War. The light that comes once in a while, reminds me that religion can be a light but too often it is put in a cage and what was supposed to connect us (The word religion derives from the Latin word religio and it is connected to the notion of sacred. Cicero (106BC-43BC) attributed its origins to the verb 're-legere', meaning to re-read, re-trace, re-consider diligently the connection or relationship with God.) is just a prison used to separated us from the other and at the same from god (univers, oneness, love)

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