Lisa Thomas Prince

Lisa Thomas Prince

Country: USA
Activity: Researcher, Teacher
Keywords: mindfulness, practices

Lisa has served as a member of the Educational Outreach team, assisting in the development and implementation of programs that provide training in mindfulness-based practices for CHM research studies. Her focus is on supporting well-being for children, families, and for teachers and staff in educational settings.

Lisa brings to the work a background in public health and fifteen years of experience in schools teaching French, Spanish, and English as a Second Language (ESL). She is particularly interested in bringing cultural relevancy to the training elements.

Lisa has been a practitioner and student of yoga and mind/body connection for more than 20 years. She completed training in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), in MBSR for Teens, and in the Inner Kids professional development program. Lisa is also an instructor of Mindfulness for Middle Schoolers with the UW Health Mindfulness Program.

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