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Pause before responding

From Lisa Thomas Prince

When I'm able to tap into my own practice and pause before reacting quickly I actually become more supportive to my students.

Video Interview Transcript

Oftentimes as a teacher I would find that I would get easily triggered by behavior and would kind of instinctively react to it telling a student to quiet down or stop moving and in a way that might not really be very helpful.
When I'm able to tap into my own practice (of meditation) and pause before reacting quickly I might choose to let a few things go and not say anything at all, or when I do say something I might say it in a way that's much more supportive of helping that student actually make a change in their own behavior.
Because oftentimes they don't, they might not even have control of what's happening. So I have found that it's been very helpful for me to not necessarily react to things as much when I'm triggered but maybe to respond in a way that's actually more supportive of the students.

Discussion starter questions
  • How can you respond and not react?
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Director's note

Lisa talks about something important in mindfulness pratices: the difference between reacting and responding. In this short time when something trigger us, we can learn to respond and not react.

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