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Our mind is like a puppy that can be trained

From Chad McGehee

Video Interview Transcript

For most students, there is not really a sense that they can train their own minds for their own well-being. So for example, we talk about training our puppy mind. And our puppy mind is those moments like when something happens and just like a puppy sees like a leaf and just kind of goes and chases after it, we don't get mad at the puppy for doing it. This is what puppies do naturally. We just, if we're training it, we just kind of gently bring the puppy back.
Well we can do the same thing with our minds right. Our minds get distracted on whatever and for students that may be like reading a book and then they get to the bottom of the page and they realize they don't understand. There weren't kind of actually reading what was there. Their mind was somewhere else, their puppy mind. So if we can notice, or if students can notice that moment when their puppy mind starts to go away and then train it to come back, that's a pretty profound insight that can help support not only reading but also relationships, right. And all sorts of other aspects of their life. So kind of learning these basic processes that happen in our own minds and then learning how to train them is a major insight we've had.

Director's note

One of the basis of mindfulness meditation: learning to train our mind to come back to what is.

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