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One good thing to remember

From Lori Gustafson

The practice of looking for a moment during the day that just recalling it brings a smile.

Video Interview Transcript

There is another practice that we call one good thing, looking for a moment just a moment during the day, that just recalling it brings a smile, makes us feel genuinely happy just to remember. And it's usually a connection with another person or being outside and just feeling the sunshine or something. And when they share these moments, you could feel how they just felt so supported. And so over time practicing that every day I think really showed students that there are all these moments in the midst of it all. And so I think that was one of the big takeaways from this study that I would like to continue to cultivate as we move into any other work that we're doing.

Discussion starter questions
  • What one good thing could you keep in mind today as you go about your day?
  • ...

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Director's note

The Center for Healthy Minds in Wisconsin-Madison is doing a lot of research on the subject of mindfulness meditation in different settings. Lori worked on projects that focus on investigating the effects of mindfulness-based practices on students and staff in educational settings. It is interesting to discover some simple practices like this one that can bring a little something during our day.

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