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What forgiveness means in Nigeria

From Joseph Tizhe Kwaha

If you're holding grudges, you will be in pain. But once you let that go you will receive healing.

Video Interview Transcript

Some will say that how can I forgive somebody who killed my brother, who killed my father, who killed my husband ?! But you know you were in an EYN church that is a Peace Church that has drawn an outline for this year, forgiveness. So that is what we are studying now. One who will be studying it throughout the year: Forgiveness.
Forgiveness will bring healing, will bring peace and will make us to move from where we are to where we are supposed to go. Because if you're holding somebody in your head if you're holding grudges, you will not even have time to work for yourself. Always you will be in pain. You will be in agony. You will be angry with everybody. But once you let that go you will receive healing. You will receive comfort. You will receive peace. And you will be able to do and even to love again and to reintegrate into their communities or even in the church even with your neighbors to integrate with one another. So it is more or less like a healing process.

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Director's note

This interview is from a pastor in Nigeria who has seen so many members of his church being killed by extremists.

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