The Bible is our comfort

From Joseph Tizhe Kwaha

Video Interview Transcript

Actually there have been a lot of challenges. For us, in UYN, because we are a Peace Church and we value peace. But there was a huge challenge more especially for we the pastors coming down our members and telling them not to retaliate and telling them to still co-exist alongside with our Muslim brothers. And never once have we ever thought even once to retaliate or to attack them or to take revenge. We have not. The Bible has been our source of comfort. In Matthew chapter five and maybe verse eleven and twelve that says Blessed are you when people persecute you for no cause for so they have done to the prophets before you and the greatest is they were rewarded in heaven. So that one is the has covered everything that is not because of where the church has done anything wrong that the world is persecuting the church. Ever since from the bad time of the church the church had been suffering violence. And up to that the church is not even immune from violence and the Bible is our comfort. If you go to John chapter six where Jesus says it's chapter sixteen verse one and two that says time will come that people even kill you and they will say they will be working for God. And this is what we had seen. People will come Allah Akbar call in the name of God that God is the greatest and killing people, slaughtering people. So what difference does it make? It's what I've already said. That is happening.

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