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Live out my humanity

From Sami Awad


The moment I am free from fear then I can live out my humanity.

Video Interview Transcript

The way I describe fear, it's just like any trauma, any pain. It's like shackles that are holding me. It's like a prison. The moment I am free from fear then I can live out my humanity. And what we want to see is human beings live out their humanity in its fullness. We have the ability to live that out and the way to do that is by freeing myself from fear. And this is where we want to see the shift. And again, we're not talking about a romantic love, you know, a fairy tale. We're talking about an understanding of love that is really about: I am free from fear. I fully embed myself in trust. I fully embed myself in unconditionally serving the other, unconditionally providing healing for the other so that they would begin to see me and my humanity.

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Director's note

Sami Awad offers a medicine for fear: love. A way to live our humanity in it's fullness.

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