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Fear limits the possibility for peace

From Sami Awad

Sami Awad is a descendent of a Palestinian refugee family. He grew up in Bethlehem under the Israeli military occupation and from a young age took part in nonviolent activism to end the occupation. He is in charge of an NGO that promotes community peace initiative.

2 months ago

No matter what the politicians sign, if the communities are living in fear of the other, then it's crazy to think a signed agreement will bring peace for the future.

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  • How does the past limit your futur or your present?
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Video transcript

If I look into the Palestinian community, if I look into the Jewish community, the experiences of the past that have caused us to become afraid now limit in every single way the possibility of making peace for the future. This is why I say no matter what the politicians sign, the communities and the politicians are living in fear of the other, then it's crazy even to sign agreements because we think that mentally signing an agreement is going to protect me. But I will make sure that even if I sign an agreement, I will do everything possible to make sure that I am still addressing my fear by controlling the other, by providing the security that I need, by building more walls, more guns, more bombs than the other. Even if there is an agreement.

Director's note

Fear is the enemy of peace. When past experience limit the possibilities for futur peace.

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