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Fear and love

From Sami Awad


The opposite of love is fear.

Video Interview Transcript

The two most distinct emotional feelings that as human beings we have are fear and love. So the opposite of love is not hatred. The opposite of love is fear. And when people are experiencing fear there is immediate closure. There is immediate need for security. There is immediate need for possessiveness, for control, for greediness, for having more than the other, for controlling the other.
So when fear takes over, as an individual or a community, it completely limits and closes the possibility for anything moving forward. If an individual is motivated by fear, they become suspicious. They become doubtful. They become mistrusting. They only look out for themselves, their interests, their possessiveness, their ability to be able to have a tomorrow because they are afraid that they would lose that. So everything shifts in the consciousness of that individual and the same with the community.

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