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Why aren’t you happy?

From Andres Gonzales

We have all the tools within us to be happy.

Video Interview Transcript

The main reason that we wanted to get started with this project was I think it started with us doing the practice on ourselves. So us doing the meditation, doing the yoga, and doing all the techniques that we now use with the youth and using them on ourselves and being scientists and seeing what they did for us. And as we witnessed the transformation that was occurring within us, we thought hey, we had to try this to everybody.
It was around 2001 when the whole 9/11 thing happened I think one of the main reactions we used to get from people was "Why are you so happy?". And we would kind of look at them and look at each other and be like well "Why aren't you happy?", we have all the tools within us to be happy and bliss is inward instead of looking outward for external things that will make us happy. Let's go inside and just be present.

Discussion starter questions
  • Is there a practice that you once did that brought you some good things that you could bring back to your life?
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