My experience of deep inner change and reconciliation with my self

From Ramez Salamé

Video Interview Transcript

I had an experience which was a very important. I'd like to tell you a bit about that. When I was a young man, I was very much eager to do something for my country because I thought my country needed to change. So I met some people and these people told me that's good. You are you have a sense of responsibility but have you thought first to change yourself. And I said how could that happen. And they told me, well what we suggest is that you look at your life at the light of four moral standards: absolute honesty, absolute purity, absolute unselfishness, and absolute love and see where in your life you've failed towards any of these standards and then try to put that right.
Well for a certain reason, I accepted this challenge. And in a time, a short time of reflection, I thought of four things which needed to be put right in my life: my relation with my father because I did not have a love for my father. The second thing is my relation with my brother. I was jealous of my brother and because of that we became like animals though we were living in the same house. The third thing was about the book which I had stolen. And the fourth thing was about betraying some friends and they're trying to cover this betrayal by lying. So that was not easy. It was quite difficult to go to my father and my brother etc. and admit what has happened. In all honesty and say I'm sorry and please forgive me for that or I apologize for this.
But when I did that something extraordinary happened. I felt a great freedom and great liberation and in the same time a sense of healing and a sense of reconciliation. I was deeply reconciled with myself. And the other thing which was maybe the most important thing, I felt that this change, this healing, I felt came from someone else. It's not me who had produced that. And for me at that time, God became a living reality. And since then God has become something central in my life.

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