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Forgiveness gets rid of anger

From Bill Pelke


Forgiveness is maybe the most important part of love.

Video Interview Transcript

I mean, I learned the most, to me, the most important lesson in life was about forgiveness. People said: "Wow, you know if you can forgive somebody who killed your loved one then I should not be angry and be able forgive my next door neighbor because he played his music too loud or had a party last night or for driving down the road and somebody cut me off." You can go the rest day and be angry at him or you can forgive him. But they're gonna go on about their business, that your anger is not gonna hurt him at all. It's only going to hurt you and you've got to get rid of that anger. And forgiveness will get rid of that anger.
And we don't need to go around being an angry society. We need to be a forgiving, loving society. But I do believe that forgiveness is maybe the most important part of love. Just the best thing that I ever did was to beg God for love and compassion for Paula Cooper. And you know, it makes life worth living. That's for sure !

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