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Love is forgiveness and it melts hatred

From Markus Gamache


Pour in love in a heart full of hatred, that heart will be melted.

Video Interview Transcript

Love itself is actually forgiveness. Without forgiveness there will be no love. So which means a forgiving heart is a loving heart. You must have forgiveness in your heart. If you want to win a love of a certain person that is critically having the hatred in his heart, throw in love. That heart will be melted. But if you have hatred in a heart and you add more hatred into the heart you have brought destruction.
That is what is affecting in our community. When we receive the hatred, the love of Jesus Christ which is in us, I'm talking about myself as a Christian, I don't have the strength. I don't have that true love in my heart and I don't, I cannot give what I don't have. So if it is the true love in my heart, I will overcome the hatred. I will just pour in love and the hatred will be overcome. But because the true love is not there I want to repel backward hatred and that brought destruction. And the destruction will never end until when an extra string of love comes in before the hatred will be overcome.

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  • What happen when you pour in love in a hatred conflict?
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Director's note

What happens when loves meets hatred in a heart? Have you ever experience that? Discover the effect of love and forgiveness in this interview from Nigeria.

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