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Forgiveness has walked in this IDP camp (Nigeria)

From Hajiya Binta Bakari


I see love all over the place. That means forgiveness has walked in this Muslim and Christian IDP camp.

Video Interview Transcript

I work with victims of Boko Haram, both Muslim and Christian, sisters, brothers. Without forgiveness we cannot move forward. Yesterday is gone. Today is the present. Tomorrow is a mystery. So it's very important for us to hug each other and forgive the past. If we don't forgive the past we will not move forward. Here we are today in this camp living side by side with a Muslim and Christian. Our children play together. We talk to each other. We grow crops together. Is part of the forgiveness. If we have not forgiving each other we wouldn't be here today. When I come here I feel love. I see the spirit of love. The way you look at me and I look at them the same way and I see my Muslim brothers and sisters here living with the Christians. I look left, I look right, I see love all over the place. That means, forgiveness has walked here, we have forgiven each other.

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Director's note

We met with Hajiya in Gurku, in an Internally Displaced People (IDP) Camp that welcomes both Christians and Muslims victims of Boko Haram in Nigeria. She is a strong advocate to put people’s humanity first. She has witnessed with her own eyes how forgiveness can change people's behaviour.

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