Malcom X – shared humanity

From Curtiss Paul Deyoung


Malcolm X realized it really wasn't the race of a person that made them who they are, but that we all share this common humanity.

Video Interview Transcript

Malcolm X is the most interesting person to think about in this journey because he was a person who believed in black separation, had experienced some of the harshest forms of racism in his life. When he went to Mecca, he saw within his own faith his Islamic faith people of all colors coming together. And all at once in that moment he realized it really wasn't the color or the race or ethnicity of a person that made them who they are, that we all share this shared humanity. And it this outward forces that have been imposed upon us around racism or sexism or whatever that shapes. But beneath all of that is a human being. Now we're all born human beings and then we get shaped by all these realities. And for Malcolm X that was a huge change. In fact, many of his followers or disciples didn't know what to do about that initially because it was such a change.

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