Martin Luther King exemple of faith based activism

From Curtiss Paul Deyoung

Video Interview Transcript

Martin Luther King is another example of faith based activists, a mystic activist who was inspired by the Sermon on the Mount and by Jesus his life. And in fact, he said if I'm remembering this exactly that Gandhi provided the approach and Jesus provided the example something like that to this work of activism. And in King you know, he like, a statement he often makes the arc of the moral universe bends toward justice. Now he found that from poetry, but what made him believe it was his faith. And he had an undying faith in the fact that we could make this world better by working for justice and that ultimately justice would win out. And that guided him throughout his life even in times where he was very discouraged with the day to day realities. He always had a vision for what he called the beloved community or as he even later when he began to become more interfaith in his approach he called The World House.

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