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Dualism and following the mercy of God

From Jürgen Moltman


We love peace and life.

Video Interview Transcript

We start with a living God who loves life and hates killing. Therefore, he taught us "Do not kill." We don't love death. We love peace and life. If the Muslims start with an all mercy for God, they are universalists. If they start who is true Muslim or Jews not a true Muslim they are dividing the world in friend and foe. And we should follow the mercy of God in Jesus Christ and should not divide the world in good and evil people. But this dualism is here a dualism of fighting, a dualism not of peace. Dualism is in religion dividing the people in believers and unbelievers. And in politics dividing the people in good people and bad people.

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Director's note

Jürgen Moltman answered that question when he was asked about the relationship between Christians and Muslims and the use of God to defend violence.

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