Rewire your brain

From Richard Rohr

What you have to do is rewire your dualistic mind.

Video Interview Transcript

We like to think of prayer in this very utilitarian way, as a functional thing of asking God for things or telling God about things. As Jesus says, God already knows you don't need to tell God things. What you have to do is rewire this. What we discovered, really just for a lot of us, is that a lot of Christians, and I'm sure other religions too, they said prayers but with a dualistic mind. You understand? So they didn't rewire this to leave the field open, to not divide the field of the moment, to let it be what it is as it is without labelling it, without judging it, without critiquing it. If you don't have some freedom from your own egocentricity, you really will not go there. You won't do it because you like taking your stand. It gives you a false sense of control I think.

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