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I was able to say: I choose love

From Richard Rohr


You fall into this compassion, this empathy, by learning to draw from your source, by choosing love.

Video Interview Transcript

You fall into this compassion, this empathy, by learning to draw   From your source. You know, John's Gospel John 15 says, "The branch cut off from the vine is useless." He was saying the same thing that Buddhism is saying. The individual not connected to its source becomes more a problem. Jesus puts it strongly, "You might as well throw it into the fire. It's useless." So what we're doing in contemplative prayer is reconnecting to our positive source, choosing love. I'll be honest. I had to do it this morning. I'm dealing with the death of my dog today and then everything else just ticked me off, you know. And I was able by the grace of God, I'm not making a saint out of myself because I don't always do this, but at a certain point, I was able to say, "but I choose love".

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Director's note

This was a special interview as Richard Rohr had to put his dog to sleep just after our meeting with him. He explains how everything tick him off and he had to draw from his source, and choose love. An intimate and honest talk from someone who made a big impact in my life.

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