Mindfulness doesn’t change the outer world

From Arno Michaelis

Video Interview Transcript

Mindfulness is a fantastic tool I think to connect with are higher selves, to connect with our, the good qualities within all human beings. When we're present, our mind is not worrying about the future. It's not regretting the past. And therefore, we have more of our mind to put into what we're doing. And it's really amazed me through my meditation practice I find the more I meditate, the better everything else in my life works out. It's obviously like the closest thing to magic that I've ever appeared. And interestingly, it's my meditation practice doesn't change how the rest of the world operates. It changes how I interact with the world. And that's really empowering I think that any human being can at any given time kind of realize there's a lens that they see the world through and that it's up to them how that lens resolves things.

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