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Faith: best thing you can have?

From Andrew Newberg


Faith is perhaps one of the best things that you can have or do as far as your brain is concerned.

Video Interview Transcript

In our research one of the things that we have found is that faith is perhaps one of the best things that you can have or do as far as your brain is concerned. When people feel either optimistic on a very basic level, optimistic and having faith that the world will be OK, or whether people have actual religious faith that God will help to resolve a particular issue or problem, then having that idea, those beliefs behind you helps to support your brain's functions. It makes you less anxious and makes you less depressed and you begin to activate your own behaviors and your own emotions in a way that is very positive and can ultimately lead to those kinds of beneficial behaviors and changes that may ultimately be able to change all of society. But it is difficult and is obviously difficult to maintain those levels of faith especially during those dark moments of human history. If you feel like, "well what's the point of me doing this", then you don't even take that first step.

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