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Addicted to our own way of thinking

From Richard Rohr

Meditation helps us see our patterns of un-empathetic thinking and it's very humiliating...

Video Interview Transcript

You know, we have to recognize how un-empathetic we are. We have to suffer that humiliation and that's what happens as you observe your stream of consciousness. You will see, we each have our own patterns. The primary addiction of human beings is human beings are addicted to their way of thinking. I go back to the same pattern of let's say, resentful thoughts, judgmental thoughts, angry thoughts, fearful thoughts, whatever your pattern might be. But once you see your pattern it's very humiliating. And I think you've got to suffer that humiliation or you won't recognize how lacking in compassion you are, that you might keep up the external image of being a loving person. But if you watch your mind, you're dismissing people with your mind. You're rejecting people with your mind almost automatically.

Discussion starter questions
  • Why do you think we have to suffer that humiliation?
  • ...

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