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Life as disconnection or connection?

From Brian McLaren


We're all made of the same stuff. We're all struggling. It's humbling.

Video Interview Transcript

When I experience disconnection it's me against everybody else. You know life is small and life is mean. I become small, I become mean. When I experience life as connection, I'm forced to face the problems that we all share, because the fact is if I'm mad at somebody else for being prejudiced, I then have to say "oh hold it, that stuff is in me too". It makes you realize we're all made of the same stuff, we're all struggling.
I just had the news of this morning and read it about the latest set of crimes and instead of me walling myself off: "I'm not like those bad people"... There're parts of me that could get imbalanced. I could take five bad decisions and find myself in that same place. It's so humbling.

Discussion starter questions
  • When did you feel that "life is small or mean"? Did it have something to do with disconnection?
  • ...

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