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Cultivating an inner world

From Brian McLaren


What we cultivate in our inner life is what we will see in our outer world.

Video Interview Transcript

If my inner life is dominated by fear what would I expect to see in the outer world? I'd expect to see conflict. I'd expect to see people building walls. I'd expect to see all kinds of expressions of fear. But if my inner life, if I say well, I don't want fear to control me; I want to see love and joy and peace and patience and those other kind of fruits be what my life is characterized by, then if you have enough people cultivating that kind of inner world, we begin to make great changes in the outer world.

Discussion starter questions
  • What dominates your inner life?
  • ...

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Director's note

Brian Mc Laren invite us to see the connection between our inner world and the outer world. It makes a lot of sens in our current situation, it's an important reminder for all of us to cultivate our inner garden with truth and love.

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