Going into the world with gifts to give and gifts to receive

From Brian McLaren

Video Interview Transcript

As I've gotten older, I've come to see that there is a colonial way of seeing things, an imperial way of seeing things and there's a non imperial way or maybe we call it a post imperial way. The imperial way says we're right and you're wrong and you either change your mind and join us or we will conquer you. So this imperial way, of holding our religion always sends us toward the other in conflict.
But there's another way. We could call it a post imperial way. And this way says, look, our assumption is that God loves everyone. The spirit of God is ubiquitous, omnipresent, at work everywhere. And so when I go into the world instead of going in sort of checking you out to see if you're right and that way you'll agree with me and join me, join my empire. Or wrong, and that way I'll either convert you or conquer you. No. This way says I assume Gods at work in the world. I'm sure God is showing you some things. The Spirit of God has helped you see some things and the Spirit of God has helped me see some things. I'm going into the world with treasures to share and gifts to receive. That way, it seems to me is both a sensible way because I think it lets us look into the future with peace rather than conflict and war and ongoing colonialism, imperialism and so on. But I also think it just, it rings true with a heart.

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