God of the inclusive, creation care

From Brian McLaren


The challenge for us is, "Do we join God in God's love for everybody?!

Video Interview Transcript

I think there are two dominant understandings of God among people who believe in God. One is the god of "the exclusive we." It's the God who is disappointed in everybody else except for our group. There is another view of God and "the one of the larger we," the inclusive we, that all of creation is God's family so to speak. Then the challenge for us is: do we join God in God's love for everybody? Not only does God love all people, God loves the earth, God loves the seas and the fish and all the living creatures. God loves it. God has an emotional we could say, a subjective commitment to all of creation. Well then the question is, "Boy, we're making a lot of money destroying creation. Do we love creation the way God loves it or only the way we love it to turn it into a economic profit."

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