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Make a statement no matter where

From Louise “Coffee” Worth

It made an impression on me that I could make a statement no matter where.

Video Interview Transcript

(Around 1940) So I got on the bus, there was no place to sit. I kept going towards the back. And finally there was one place and I asked the black man, "May I sit next to you ?" Because I knew that was not customary. And what could he say? I was a white woman. So I sat down and the bus driver he got up and said: " We ain't gonna have none of that." And I said: "That's OK. I'll stand." And that's what I did. And nobody said anything. I don't know whether that made any impression or not. But it made an impression on me that I could make a statement no matter where.

Discussion starter questions
  • Are you able to make a statement against injustice in what you are experiencing these days?
  • ...

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