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Spirituality and action go together

From Gabriel Meyer

Spirituality and action have to go together.

Video Interview Transcript

My father was a human rights activist as a rabbi in Argentina against the dictatorship. And he never asked, you know, the people who were being oppressed by the police and the government, the military if they were Jewish or not. He would just do it from his, like a spiritual activism drawing upon the wellsprings of prophecy. My spiritual action comes from there. I always learn that spirit and action have to go together. It's like, okay, you can meditate and be very spiritual but if you're not nice to people that doesn't make any sense. Like the whole point is to be a kinder person and be aware of justice and love. And so it doesn't matter how spiritual or what kind of work you do religiously if you can't apply it in real life. It doesn't, it's not worth it.

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