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The contemplative has given me a sens of sit and wait

From Holly Roach Knight

The contemplative has given me a capacity that I didn't have before which is the ability to wait.

Video Interview Transcript

The contemplative has given me a capacity that I didn't have before which is this ability to wait. Often we come to points in our work where nothing's moving forward and we find there's an obstacle. And I would often try to push through those moments. And often pushing through those moments replicates the kind of oppression that we're trying to fight right or trying to heal. And so the contemplative is kind of built in me a capacity to discern those moments like, okay, nothing is moving forward here. The spirit isn't moving here. We're stuck. And so it is giving me the ability to sit, be able to breathe through those times of feeling stuck, feeling like things aren't moving forward and to be able to wait for the circumstances to shift, for new ideas to come up sometimes it's a new person. We'll be stuck in a place in our campaign and then we'll meet someone who has the access that we need to be able to get the information across to the person in power you know. So that ability to just sit and wait is something that the contemplative has given me.

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