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Transforming oppression

From Holly Roach Knight

More than anything I am an activist. I am keenly attuned to power and injustice. I see that conditions of violence to people and Earth cannot continue. So all things that I engage in, have to do with this fundamental need to be a part of solutions that make the world a better place.

7 months ago

I want to be able to transform oppression rather than cut it out like a cancer.

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  • How do you feel deep down about oppressive people?
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Video transcript

The contemplative has expanded my awareness and thus it expanded the empathy that I have. Five years ago, if I had been able to round up all the oppressors on the planet and all the perpetrators of violence on the planet and put them on an island and dropped a nuclear bomb and eradicated all of them, I would have thought that would be a good thing for humanity.
And the contemplative has given me a heart even for the oppressor. I want to be able to transform oppression rather than cut it out like a cancer. I want that even the perpetrators of violence and oppression be transformed because they are a part of the wholeness of all humanity.

Director's note

We met Holly in a beautiful little cabine in Saxapahaw (North Carolina), she was preparing for a demonstration in Washington. She explained to us how contemplation/meditation can be a useful tool when doing social activism.

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