Being aware when doing activism

From Holly Roach Knight

Video Interview Transcript

I would say that the pursuit of the contemplative is a lifelong exercise. Richard Rohr would say that we actually perceive the contemplative through our egoic structure first and then it's through the practices of being in silence that we begin to understand it from our divinely connected place. So it's, there's layers to it. There's the cognitive understanding of the contemplative where you just understand the theory of it. And then there's the practice of actually letting go, letting thoughts, feelings, sensations, inclinations that are automatically just kind of hardwired to us just being able to let those go. And then there's the ability to choose another pathway being so aware when you're in it that you can actually let go of the automatic behavior and choose perhaps a more compassionate response. And what's really great about doing the practice is that it builds our capacity to then have that kind of awareness when we're in action. So we want to be able to be more empathic, more compassionate, and more connected with people not just while we're sitting quietly in silence but also in the streets when we're protesting or on the phone where we're talking to a senator or in meetings where there's a difficult personality to deal with right. We want to be able to practice our contemplative stance in action which is the goal of contemplative activism.

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