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Anger and fear: do I bow down to it?

From Shaul Judelman

Anger plus fear equals hatred.

Video Interview Transcript

And there is a thing in the Talmud and the Jewish oral tradition that says: "kol ha'koes, k'ilu oveid avoda zara." One who gets angry, it's as if they are bowing down to a stone. It's like idolatry. I remember sitting and thinking about the thing about my own anger and watching how much anger votes for me, chooses how I see people, relate to people and questioning what do with it, you know. Where does it go? And fear, and thinking about the fear.
I have a very simple psychological mathematics: Anger plus fear equals hatred. But does it control me or do I bow down to it? Do I let it be my God? And there's another way, there's another. But it's very powerful. And I think many of us it comes up and it comes up and it's very easy for me to go to violence into this and violence either in how we think and how we act or also even act to make acts of violence.

Discussion starter questions
  • Could you ponder a moment about this quote: "Anger plus fear equals hatred"?
  • ...

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Director's note

Shaul share some wise words from the Talmud and the Jewish Oral Tradition. As often with the Jewish spirituality it's filled with imagery.

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