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Love your enemies: even in the Boko Haram crisis?

From Markus Gamache


My favorite sermon and I will continue to preach it until I die: "Love your enemy as yourself." What a difficult sermon!

Video Interview Transcript

My favorite sermon and I will continue to preach until when I die: "Love your enemy as yourself." What a difficult sermon! When Jesus wrote, when Jesus said about that loving enemy, did he ever think about the Boko Haram crisis? Did Jesus actually knew we are going to fall into this kind of situation? What kind of someone is that, in this type of situation where families will witness a husband being killed, a wife being kidnapped, younger daughters being raped and people being slaughtered like a chicken, and after all this, Jesus said you go back to that verse and said, "Love your enemy as you love yourself." And those people that have committed that atrocity, Jesus is telling me, "go after them, love them, give them food and pray for them." What quite a challenging life!

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Director's note

Markus, a peace activist from Nigeria tells us how difficult it is to live a life of nonviolence during the crisis of Boko Haram. His church which is a peace church has never retaliated during the crisis. But what a challenge to live such a life!

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