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I am challenged by my religion to expend my perspective

From Shaul Judelman

Prayer is when you recognise you don't know what to do.

Video Interview Transcript

Last night I met a man who was a terrorist. He sat in an Israeli jail. He did attacks. And he talked about how he changed. And interesting, he started having a lot of questions about what he was hearing from his shikh. He said there's one year there was Ramadan and he was very much praying, "God I don't know what's right. Tell me what's the right way. What is your path?" And one morning he said he woke up he didn't feel like doing anything he didn't feel like praying didn't feel like anything he says. He turned on the TV. And he turned onto a channel where there was a teaching and speaking about something about love, about Islam. And it changed him. He called the person and then called the phone number, got in touch. It changed him.
So there's that little space where you don't know what to do. And that's really what, that's what prayer is, when you recognise you don't know what to do. So you have to pray. So our Torah tells us three times a day, remember, you don't know what to do at least. And you're doing this and you think this is the path maybe that's the path. And so that's I think important in the work also to not get stuck, to constantly be thinking about how how things could go differently, how things look from the other side. So those are religious messages from me that I get. You know religion challenges me to think how does this look not from your perspective and what does God see and what does the other person sees.

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Director's note

Shaul shares a wisdom from his jew spiritual tradition. He learned to pause and get a higher perspective.

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