Peace is going from the chaos to the calm

From Shaul Judelman


I think to make peace you have to go into yourself. You have to go from the chaos to the calm.

Video Interview Transcript

I think to make peace you have to go in yourself. You have to go from from the chaos to the calm and in Hebrew from Shin to the lamid to the woaw to connect to the mem in the letters of Shalom from the "shuzzz" the "muuum". You have to be to take all that thing that makes you want to scream and yell and go and you have to find a way to bring it to a place that's that's thinking, that's there, that's aware. One time somebody asked me what are you guys doing? I said we are climate change activists. We're trying to change the climate because right now the climate is not good for peace and it's going to take people to wake up and do that. This work is about taking responsibility as a teacher, as a father, as a parent, as a business person, as a mayor. All these people in these communities have responsibility to peace with a little thing that they do. And in doing that maybe between us and them becomes a space where peace can make and they can hear us. It takes both sides going. There's no less, now it is no less responsibility.

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