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The meaning of peace?

From Arun Gandhi


As long as you keep peace in a box nothing is going to happen.

Video Interview Transcript

This was another story that he told me about an ancient Indian king. The king went to this sage and asked him the meaning of peace. The sage ran to the back of the house and came back with a grain of wheat and placed the grain of wheat on the king's palm and said, "Here is your answer."
He quietly took that grain of wheat and ran back to the palace and he put that grain in a gold box. As long as you keep this grain of wheat in this box, nothing is going to happen. It will eventually perish. But if you had planted this grain of wheat in the soil outside and let it interact with all the elements, it would sprout and grow and very soon you could have a whole field of wheat. And that is the meaning of peace. It would spread and one day the whole world will become peaceful.

Discussion starter questions
  • Do you feel sometimes like you want to protect peace for yourself?
  • ...

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