Teaching in religious communities have an impact

From Markus Gamache

Video Interview Transcript

It is not every Muslim that is fanatical. It is not every Muslim that is terrorist. We have bad people among the Muslims. We have bad people among the Christians. To me, it is an evangelistic problem. The teachings from both religion have an effect on their members, that is quite sure. It can change the life of their members.
In the Christian side, they will always preach and shout you don't believe in Jesus Christ, you cannot make heaven, you will go to hell fire. When the other part, the extremist in Islam will say, if you kill the infidels, if you kill the unbelievers, you will make a heaven. That is the word of the extremists on the Muslim side. But I have Muslim brothers and teachers that have said: it is not allowed to kill at all. They are not even talking about killing Christian. It is not allowed to take life. You have not met life yourself. You are not giving life to any human being.
This is my understanding. This is my personal take. There is no human being on earth that can guarantee you heaven. Tell him he's a big liar. There is no human being on earth that can tell you that you will go to hellfire. Tell him he's a big liar. The only person that have that guarantee that have the final say is God. And this God have the Muslims and he has the Christian. He have the Muslims and the Christians and all other religions that are not even in Nigeria. God has created me to enjoy this life with the people that I have met them here on Earth. So, I have to try my best to do that. And my time the best is to see to build a bridge of hatred that is growing on a daily basis among the Christians and Muslims. So I'm moving together with those that have the true love of God in Islam and those that have the true love of God in the Christian to come together and to teach to those out there that have the personal hatred.

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