Dialog is an important tool

From Markus Gamache

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Video Interview Transcript

When we started this project, I can say that my three months time praying and contacting imams and sheikh among the Muslim community, I have called that period, a period of dialogue. It is a moment for me that I can go out and talk to them. It was bad, there was a killing. There was a destruction.
Dialoguing, a process of igniting a talk between the two of each other to listen, not only for the other side of a crowd and to talk for himself, no. To listen, to listen and think. To listen and pick the good part from the other side. To listen and to understand the pain that that person is going through and find a session of mediation and say okay, yes, that is quite true. We have really understand that we have went wrong in this direction. I have really offended you and I have done that out of anger, out of ignorance, out of problem. But now let's find a common ground.
Without dialogue, we wouldn't have to count because it takes the grace of God for a Christian to agree that yes, even though we have been hurt by the Muslim extremist, we want to understand each other. Why should that happen? And even from the Muslims, even though the Christians said, Muslims are killing us and we will be afraid to come closer to them, Why not come together and to understand why do they think that way? Why should they even connect Muslim with terrorism? We need to understand their thinking. After talking together, we will be able to say: "Yes, now I understand the reason why you think that way." But, this is the reality. I would be able to advise and to talk from the true love from my heart. Dialoguing is a very very important instrument in the interfaith.

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